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Catarrhal phenomena by respiratory expressed moderately.Nose appears transparent generated.Zev red.Often marked speeded defecation.At high temperatures possible seizures.Complications Most frequently as a complication of developing otitis, bronchitis, bronchiolitis, pneumonia, laryngotracheitis.More rare complications include meningitis and meningoencephalitis.Parainfluenza Parainfluenza - an acute viral disease characterized by severe symptoms of intoxication, high fever and airways disease.Disease pathogens are parainfluenza viruses (types 1, 2, 3, 4).The source of infection is the sick man with the end of the incubation period, and up to 7-10 days for the disease.The route of transmission of influenza airborne.Atrium is the mucosa of the upper respiratory tract, penetrating into the cells where the virus multiplies, causing inflammation.

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While walking the newborn depends on the weight at birth


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The pains are diffuse character.The child becomes restless, took a forced position in bed.Sunken belly.Growing evidence that the decline in blood pressure - appears pale skin, heartbeat quickens.Skin-abdominal form can be complicated by intestinal obstruction or inflammation of the peritoneum (peritonitis).Kidney shape is one of the worst manifestations of hemorrhagic vasculitis, determining the severity of the disease and its prognosis.In renal form expressed symptoms of intoxication: the child listless, pale, his poor appetite, weakness increases.Pain in the lumbar region.Marked swelling of tissues.Perhaps periodic increase in blood pressure.In general, the analysis of urine protein appears, erythrocytes, a large number of cylinders.

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Vitamins also increase the protective functions of the body, that for children has enormous significance

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Below - a table showing the portions.PLANNING daily menu BABY toddler (1-4 years) Whole grains, breads, cereals: 4 meals Vegetables: 2-4 tablespoons dark green vegetables, X C - X 1g cup of other vegetables Legumes, nuts, seeds, milk: X U - X 1g cup legumes, 3 feeding breast milk, soy mixture, soy milk th or other vegetable milk Fruits: b and ~ 1 V 2 cups Quantity: 1 slice of bread, V 2 rolls, X 1g cups boiled grains, cereals, pasta, U , or 1 cup of breakfast cereal cereals, biscuits.Try to choose only whole grains.Dark green vegetables soup: broccoli sprouts kale and mustard, bok choy and any other vegetables, fresh or frozen.Legumes: beans, peas, tofu and lentils, cooked until soft state.Milk plant origin: 1 cup.Nuts and seeds: in palates Olsha quantities (1-2 tablespoons).Any kind of fruit, raw or cooked, fresh or frozen.

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Puberty may come much later, if the child is not nourished, malnourished, sitting on a strict diet or body dvergaet heavy physical exertion.In the past, doctors and nutritionists believed that rapid growth and early menstruation is a sign of good health.Today we have come to understand that "more, faster, sooner" is not always meaning was "better." health.so as if the girls begin to menstruate earlier than usual, further increases her risk of tons of breast cancer.In fact, dairy products, which are a component of western food, and are believed to influence the age of onset of menarche, increase blood levels of insulin-like growth factor 1, and it directly to knit with an increased risk of developing breast cancer, ovarian and prostate .

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It should be noted, baby soap successfully replaces laundry detergent, especially in cases where the baby is allergic to detergents (even if pos glaciers are intended for washing children's clothes)

Back Massage Stroking: from

Turning on its side (turn to the right and the left) by an adult.Back Massage Stroking: from the head to the buttocks - palm, from the buttocks to the head - the back of the hands.Reflexive exercise for back muscles Acupressure abdomen.I point Place the baby on the breast palm in an inclined position.Sucks unit cm from the spine, parallel to it, on both sides podushech kami forefinger and middle finger swipe in the direction of the blades to the current buttocks and back.

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to help push the baby toy

Nausea and vomiting

The clinical picture Leading complaint is pain, the severity of which depends on age, individual characteristics of the nervous and endocrine systems, the anatomical features of the ulcer, the severity of functional disorders of the gastroduodenal system.Most often, it is localized in the epigastric region, or area of the navel is diffuse character.At the beginning of the disease it is uncertain, but its development becomes constant, intense, most likely a "night" or an empty character.Nausea and vomiting in children are less common than in adults, as well as heartburn, regurgitation and increased slyunoobrazovaniya.With long-term course of the disease is growing role of these symptoms.Appetite usually suffers only Shbolnyh notes its decrease, which may lead to weight loss and delay the physical development.Marked tendency to constipation or unstable chair.The child's language is imposed whitish bloom.

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example, many parents believe that sugar leads to increased activity of the child and reduces its focus cn individuality.According to other hypotheses, chocolate, artificial colors or preservatives have Truth is that scientists and doctors can not with certainty stoprotse coagulant to confirm or refute these views.Every child - is unique, and the learning process takes place in each individual, inherent only in his usual manner, so the differences between children in the characteristics associated with food and the environment.Media in result, parents utterly confused and not understanding what is really helpful or harmful to the child.However, some things can be judged with reasonable certainty.Breastfeeding increases the rate of intelligence.

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risk of these conditions necessitates constant surveillance of the respiratory and cardiovascular systems (collection of sputum for analysis and record of the amount, sputum, counting respiratory rate and determine the properties of the pulse measurement blood pressure, control of dynamics edema, etc).Thyroid disease Hypothyroidism Hypothyroidism - a disease associated with decreased production of thyroid hormones.There are primary hypothyroidism, developing due to lesions of the thyroid gland, and secondary-paced due to lesions of the hypothalamic- pituitary system.

Lay it face

During wakefulness often lay the baby on his stomach.This position will allow him to start raising earlier and hold th catching, turning it in different directions, watching the surrounding world.To alleviate this situation, place the child under the chest folded several times a diaper.Obvious is the fact that being in the position of "face down", the child has to learn to keep your head up to see, and to develop appropriate structures Tela.Lay it face down, and you'll see how random, first in the Write debugging and useless arms and legs gradually become meaningful governmental traffic crawling.We may like to watch him when he is in the "face up", but he wants to start moving along the ancient road that sooner or later lead to his walking.And this road starts right here and now.A child from birth has a number of cutaneous reflexes in skin irritation some body parts child commits defined motions.

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However, we must ensure that the child consumed as little as possible products such as "fast food" (also called "empty calories"), and explain to your child how much food can be considered optimal portion.satiety after meals.It is not necessary to put pressure on the child and utter phrases like "Doesh to the end and" We which help avoid overeating.Never advise a child to drown these internal controls.Instead, on the contrary Orot help him learn to understand their feelings of hunger or satiety.If the child does not want to eat up the dish until the end, but you're afraid that after a while he gets hungry - just wrap a plate of food and set it aside.Also, do not promise that the Image quality to reward the child will get a sweet dessert as Talk with your child about what he eats and his physical activity.

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In this chapter, we covered the basics of the topic: nutrition during, before and after exercise, and elaborated on the kind of food and what to The number of need to give the child-athlete.But the main thing - it is a feeling of joy from a child playing sports, and useful products easily help him in this, providing the body with the fuel.By following the tips outlined in this chapter, your child will be ok in great shape, both during training and participating in competitions.How to cultivate the child's mind Healthy Body Image Our society is characterized by a cult of the body.The way you perceive your body is iyaet on how well you take care of it.

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The main symptom is peristalsis (movement) of the stomach, which is visible when feeding your baby.Peristaltic wave starts from the left hypochondrium and stomach giving an hourglass shape, extends to the right.A baby is infrequent urination, constipation.In the later stages - dyspeptic, "hungry" cal.Skin become pale shade.Subcutaneous layers is practically absent.The skin can be easily assembled in the folds and crushes bad.Face wrinkled and senile.Toddler restless, Crickley that intensifies after meals.Diagnostics Pyloric stenosis diagnosis established on the basis of the characteristic clinical history and data of clinical examination and confirmed by data rentgenogastrografii, fibrogastroskopii or ultrasound.

Diets with a sharp

Diet pills, for example, contain caffeine or other stimulants, diuretics, laxatives or e means that excrete water.Diets with a sharp drop weight end that man becomes much worse, suffers his psyche, and the weight comes back.Why slimming instead of reducing the number of calories people n Simply not go to food products useful? Person whose diet consists of fruits, vegetables, beans and cereals, is much easier to adjust your weight and to limit calories it does not need any.For example, a vegetarian burger (vedzhiburger) inc erzhit 0.5 grams of fat and meat burger - 21 g, t.e.Lipschitz 20, 5 grams fat and 180 calories.Burrito stuffed with beans, tomatoes and lettuce, seasoned sauce "sa lsa" contains only 3 grams of fat, and burrito with cheese and pepper "chile" - 14 g fat, loading your body extra 11 grams of fat and 99 calories.

Encourage your

Many children do not think about what we need to drink water until really will not feel thirsty.When this happens, they are usually on a percentage already dehydrated.It is necessary that the For water, dilute juice, sports drinks, but the drinks in the premises sugar, better not to abuse.Carbonated beverages, as well as caffeine, do not drink at all cost tons.What could be better than to spend a sunny day at the beach or in the park.Many children in hot weather are ready to play for hours, however, they are just like their parents exposed to harmful.Encourage your child to play aga s shadow, avoid constant sun exposure and periodically interrupt the game in order to get a drink of water.Also do not forget about using sunscreen to Greatest risk Defused ozhivaniya exposed children who wear special sports uniforms, like in football and those who play in hot climates, as well as those who are to participate in the competition have to limit yourself to receive food and water in order to pohu tion.

Exclusion of drugs

We should not forget that the refusal of vaccination or delayed vaccination can bring even greater harm to the child due to the need for emergency vaccination in contact with patients with infectious diseases, which can cause an unprepared child violent allergic reaction.Exclusion of drugs that may cause an allergic reaction (antibiotics penicillin, some sulfonamides, etc.).Introduction to each of the unused drug should be administered with great caution to a predetermined sensitivity to the drug.Timely detection of foci of infection and drainage.Neuro-arthritic diathesis Neuro-arthritic diathesis is characterized by irritability, eating disorders, predisposition to obesity, interstitial nephritis, gout, metabolic arthritis, which is associated with metabolic disorders and the accumulation of lactic acid purine in the body.

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Children of the 6th month of life are able to independently roll from his back to his side and leaning on her hand, sit down

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Ice cream "Potato" for dessert can be your family's favorite treat

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These proteins can cause problems with Dr.yhatelnymi ways, skin, oral mucosa and other allergic reactions.Cow's milk, can also cause irritation of the digestive tract of the child that in the gut will result in loss of blood and the gradual loss of iron.For these reasons (contrasting it with a special blend for infants).When foreign proteins enter the body, the immune system creates antibodies to fight them.The American Academy of Pedi atrium reports that more than 90 scientific studies contain substantial evidence that the antibodies produced against the protein in cow's milk, some children can destroy the cells that produce insulin, which eventually leads to type 1 diabetes of type.Compare human and animal milk (1 cup) NUTRIENTS Calories Protein (g) Fat (g) Saturated fat (g) Monounsaturated fat (g) Polyunsaturated fat (g) Carbohydrate (g) Folic acid (mg) Vitamin C (mg) Sodium D (mg) Iron (mg) Calcium (mg) Liter Saturn source: D.

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See Suffocation.).You suspect a broken bone or neck pain associated with seriousinjuries.Head injury has led to the immediate loss of consciousness.There is a suspicion of poisoning (first call your local poison controlcenter).There has been an attack, seizure, or other changes in mental statusbaby.When to stay home: illnessThere are a few simple rational reason to keep the child at home and not take him to daycare

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Schooling is given to him hard, and the total mass of students he usually unsubstituted ten

Charging for Dads

Speaking of the kid, what he done, as it turns out all right, you are laying the foundation of self-esteem and self-confidence that it will prove useful in the future.Charging for DadsSure, you could go to the gym and exercise there with a barbell, dumbbells and other projectiles

Talking to your

ConstipationConstipation in infants may point to an unhealthy diet, and congenital malformations of various parts of the gastrointestinal tract

Normal values: In zrast

Normal values: In zrast Wed ednee value chenie Ex Edelev % L eykotsitov 12 m ec 0.05 x 10 9 / L 0-0.2 x 10 9 / L 0.4 4 g ode 0.05 x 10 9 / L 0-0.2 x 10 9 / L 0.6 6 liters is 0.05 x 10 9 / L 0-02 x 10 9 / L 0.6 10 l of an 0.04 x 10 9 / L 0-0.2 x 10 9 / L 0.6 21 g of one 0.04 x 10 9 / L 0-0.2 x 10 9 / L 0.5 Taken tall 0.04 x 10 9 / L 0-0.2 x 10 9 / L 0.5 Clinical diagnostic value basocytosis> 0.3 x 10 / L allergic conditions; acute leukemia; chronic myeloid leukemia; chronic inflammatory condition of the gastrointestinal tract; ulcerative inflammatory bowel disease; hypothyroidism; l h e n e e s t r o d e n and m and; W o l e s o n s X d and k and n a.

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Cause regurgitation may also be incorrect latch on the baby

Millet porridge

Polenta (optional hominy) is traditional in some regions

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Eating after exercise th After heavy physical exertion child should eat foods rich in carbohydrates, as it replenish energy spent muscles.It can be white bread, orange juice, pasta, vegetables and fruits.If immediately after the speeches knock your rabbi does not feel hungry, then offer him a juice or a sports drink.Bananas and orange juice contains a lot of potassium, so with their help the child be able to restore electrolytes and minerals lost through sweat.Eat immediately after physical control zhneny necessary for those children who are in the competition performed several times, or they had a very long and intense training.

Targets vaccination

Metabolic drugs that improve the oxidation-reduction processes: Riboxinum, geptral.In severe disease carried hemosorbtion plasmapheresis.Cholagogue: magnesium sulfate, corn silk, flamin etc., when necessary allohol, holenzim appointed during the recovery period.Prevention.Targets vaccination The vaccine is intended to long-term protection of children and the protection of individuals without a history of hepatitis A in childhood.Vaccination can quickly stop the outbreak of hepatitis A national vaccination calendar for Russia epidpokazaniyam designated circle of people at increased risk of hepatitis A: - children over 3 years old, living in areas with a high incidence of hepatitis A (100.

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And sometimes it is necessary to make a game out of this "no": "Every time you say 'no', II will kiss you

In one cake: 112 calories, 5 g protein, 17 g carbohydrate, and h g fat, 3 g fiber, 213 mg sodium, calories

On another pan, heat the tortilla so that it becomes soft and lay on her U cup with n rigotovlennoy filling, and then fold it in half.Fry each side for 1 minute.Garnish with tortilla lettuce, onion, tomato, avocado and pour sauce "salsa".Just cook the remaining tortillas.In one cake: 112 calories, 5 g protein, 17 g carbohydrate, and h g fat, 3 g fiber, 213 mg sodium, calories protein - 17% carbohydrate calories - 58% fat calories - 25% BAP with stewed vegetables (4 servings) 1 onion, chopped 1 h.Spoon garlic powder (or granules) 1 weak dky pepper, diced 1 cup soy texturate (vegetable protein) 1 can of tomato sauce (400 g) 1 h.spoon pepper powder "chili" 2 tbsp.tablespoons apple juice 2 tbsp.

"Wind the string" "Clapped

"Warm ourselves" Child standing with your feet shoulder width apart, arms down.Spreads his arms wide apart, then grabs himself by the shoulders, as if froze."Catch a mosquito" Stand straight, feet apart, hands down.Clap hands in front at chest level, a person over the head."Clap your hands" Stand straight, feet apart, hands down.Clap hands in front and behind itself."Wind the string" "Clapped his hands like a rooster - wings" Stand straight, feet apart, hands down.Raise their hands to the side, and then pat them - times over the hips."Stretch the rubber band" Stand up straight with your feet apart.Hands folded in front of chest, fingers clenched into fists.Slowly raise arms to the side, as if growing givaya gum."Grow big" The child is placed, feet slightly apart, arms down.Pulled up, raising his hands ."Grab an apple" Starting position formerly.

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The exact name of the product and its composition (it is possible to determine the activechemicals).What is the amount of substance has got into the child's body (one sip, halfvesicle ...).Time poisoning, at least approximately, ("I put him to bed an hour ago, and onlythat she saw him with the pills in my mouth ").Your location.The age and weight of the child.Next you will be told what to do before the arrival of the ambulance.

When you turn

From time to time give the child the opportunity to make a choice in clothes and food.Firmly insist on safety: children do not play with knives, children holdhands when crossing the street

5-6 stitches - lightly

If it hurts, then slightly Grind their palms! 1-2 stitches - from both hands do "telescope" or "binoculars" and puts the eyes.3-4 lines - from one palm do "cleft palate", as in the previous game, and the fingers Keep your other hand, "graze" and it captures them performing stroking motion pads.5-6 stitches - lightly rub the palm of one another.Hut on luzhochke, Doors on clasp.Key pick up quickly And unlock the hut.Shake off her hands, Rest a little.1 line - do "house" of both hands, joining their fingertips and the base of the palm.2 line - we connect the fingers to the castle.3-4 lines - carry rotation thumbs of both hands (one around another) without opening the lock.

5 line - Reveal

Repeat for second hand game.In gray baby - Little mouse This Sunday Will's birthday! Here she waved ears! So she knocked legs! Moved her tail And calling all to visit us! 1-4 stitches - collect the fingers of both hands to pinch and move them on the table, depicting mice.5 line - Reveal hands and puts them on your ears, fingers waving serried.6 line - slaps the table.7 line - bend and unbend forefingers, depicting mouse tails.8 line - rubbing their hands on one another.Soft Fuzzies White snowflakes Above ground whirl Lie on the grass, Legs fall asleep And now melt! 1-4 stitches - Reveal palm straighten fingers and gentle swaying motion omit hands on foot.5-6 lines - with his fingers tapping on the toes.Mole - tubby tubby - Wearing gray jacket.Corns and nibbles crust He digs underground burrows Pours a handful of earth And mink crawls.

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1 To one end of the short ribbon tie a rattle, the second - the other guyu

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PottyOne of the tricks that you can have in reserve - the incentive of purchasing power

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Italian spices spoon X 1% h.tablespoons black pepper X 1g cups macaroni seashells 1 cup chopped spinach 1 can of beans (400 g) 1 branch of celery, chopped In a saucepan, heat the Iroko w olive oil, put the onion and garlic and cook over medium heat for about 5 minutes, until onion is soft.Add tomato juice, potatoes, carrots, celery, Italian spices, black pepper, cover and simmer about 20 minutes, until the vegetables are soft.Then put in a pan pasta, spinach, beans with sauce and simmer it all for about 15 minutes.Vegetables and pasta should be soft.If you want a thin soup, you can add tomato juice or water.In the second one serving: 128 calories, 5 g protein, 25 g carbohydrate, 1.5 g fat, 6 g fiber, 203 mg sodium, calories protein - 16% carbohydrate calories - 74% fat calories - 10% SOUP IDOROV POM (6 servings) In this vegetable soup, you can also add brown rice.

When a massive invasion

Among the diseases caused by protozoa, often observed in children giardiasis and amebiasis.For amoebiasis (a disease caused by amoebas) speeded chair, a raspberry jelly (mucus gives feces glassy glossy surface).Giardiasis (a disease caused by Giardia) stool 3-4 times a day, yellow-green in color, soft consistency.When a massive invasion (a large number of agent) chair quickens to 20 times a day, it becomes mucous and bloody.Diarrhea is sometimes observed and helminthic infestation.When a massive invasion Ascaris chair quickens contains undigested muscle fibers, fat.Chair changes when mycotic (fungal) enterokolonopatiyah.Among them, children are more frequently observed intestinal candidiasis (caused by a fungus genus Candida), which is celebrated at more frequent bowel movements, stool abundant liquid or pasty, usually without much mucus (blood, usually absent).

At this time, the small - sha can bear

Very useful sleep in the open air, so it is advisable to provide it at any time of year

Abdominal massage

Diversion hand to hand and crossing them over his chest.Stroking feet.Flexion and extension of the legs together.Turns on its side.Abdominal massage (stroking, rubbing, stimulating techniques).Back massage in a sitting position in the hands of an adult (ironed tion, rubbing, light slap).Stroking the front of the chest.Circular motion with his hands.Exemplary complexes therapeutic gymnastics and massage in period recovery and residual effects Center for children from to months Hand Massage (all methods).Diversion hand to hand and crossing them over his chest.Foot Massage (all methods).

This is especially

Last but not least, remember that the time of maximum UF - this is from to hours, so avoid direct sun during these hours

5-6 lines - one hand

1-2 stitches - "run", tapping on the table fingertips.3-4 stitches - on each hand exhibiting "horns" of the index finger and thumb and turn the brush in different directions.5-6 lines - one hand in reserve position described in a circular motion stroked her back side of the fingers of the other hand.7-8 stitches - grab "horned" arm with the other hand and takes her to the side.As the apple tree flowers Open petals.Breeze softly Shakes petals.Only in the evening flowers Released petals Head shake, Hard to sleep.1-2 stitches - squeeze his hands into fists, then unclenched them, showing how the flowers are revealed.3-4 stitches - gently swaying relaxed wrists (palms up) to the right and left.

Single or multiple, firm, painless



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