At this time, the small - sha can bear

At this time, the small - sha can bearVery useful sleep in the open air, so it is advisable to provide it at any time of year. Winter in central Russia kids can sleep on the balcony or open ve rand if the frost does not exceed 10 ° C, in calm weather. At this time, the small-

sha can bear to sleep in the open air with a 2-week-old (of course, if the baby is healthy) 2-3 times a day for 20-30 minutes at first, and then for the duration of sleep.

Some older children sometimes refuse to go to bed. In this situation, you will be just patience and persistence. Sleep procedure should be enjoyable (child read a book, tell a story, just sit next to him). Should not be forbidden to take the baby to bed her favorite toy - it's his mustache rest and sleep will help faster.

In conclusion, it should be noted again that strong and healthy sleep is the key to physical and mental health of your child, so try to make every effort to create favorable conditions for sleep. Читать полностью -->

Abdominal massage

Abdominal massage Diversion hand to hand and crossing them over his chest.

Stroking feet.

Flexion and extension of the legs together.

Turns on its side.

Abdominal massage (stroking, rubbing, stimulating techniques).

Back massage in a sitting position in the hands of an adult (ironed tion, rubbing, light slap).

Stroking the front of the chest.

Circular motion with his hands.

Exemplary complexes therapeutic gymnastics and massage in period recovery and residual effects Center for children from to months Hand Massage (all methods).

Diversion hand to hand and crossing them over his chest.

Foot Massage (all methods).

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This is especially

This is especiallyLast but not least, remember that the time of maximum UF - this is from to hours, so avoid direct sun during these hours. This is especially important because it limits the flow of harmful radiation to the skin, causing serious consequences, such as cancer.


My head without tears

Your baby two and a half years, and it is not given to her to cut their hair, and every time you want to wash your hair, suit fit? Yes and comb her hair, is no easy task, so most of the time the child walks with matted hairs. Try closing her face with a towel to shampoo did not get in eyes. Use baby shampoo smoothes hair. Combing better when the hair is a little dry.

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5-6 lines - one hand

5-6 lines - one hand 1-2 stitches - "run", tapping on the table fingertips.

3-4 stitches - on each hand exhibiting "horns" of the index finger and thumb and turn the brush in different directions.

5-6 lines - one hand in reserve position described in a circular motion stroked her back side of the fingers of the other hand.

7-8 stitches - grab "horned" arm with the other hand and takes her to the side.

As the apple tree flowers Open petals.

Breeze softly Shakes petals.

Only in the evening flowers Released petals Head shake, Hard to sleep.

1-2 stitches - squeeze his hands into fists, then unclenched them, showing how the flowers are revealed.

3-4 stitches - gently swaying relaxed wrists (palms up) to the right and left.

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Single or multiple, firm, painless

Single or multiple, firm, painless Impetigo. For impetigo is characterized by the formation of small pimples filled with

fluid, pus, or unclear content. Pustules tend to be small, but in

severe cases can be disposed of by covering large areas of the skin in the form of flat


Molluscum contagiosum. Single or multiple, firm, painless

skin-colored nodules, the size of a pinhead to a pea, with a hollow in

center, located usually in children on the face, neck and torso.

If you have an allergy baby

Any allergies you say, do not do your child's allergies hostage. How to take the impregnable position:

Grab a snack at the party safe. Instead of the usual ice cream take

safe for the child sweets.

Warn nurses and teachers. Читать полностью -->

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