In that such cases

In that such casesCause regurgitation may also be incorrect latch on the baby. In that such cases the mother's milk baby sucks the air in large quantities and therefore spits. Pay attention to the fact that in this case the chest poorly promoted and produced enough milk.

Often change during breast feeding comes imbalance between getting the child front and rear portions of milk, different in composition that can lead to a small dit weight gain and unstable chair. If regurgitation is becoming too frequent and plentiful, it does not hurt to invite a consultant on breast feeding.

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Millet porridge

Millet porridgePolenta (optional hominy) is traditional in some regions. Det SCIE porridge made from corn flour are rich in starch and iron, but the content of calcium and phosphorus in them is not too high.

Porridge of corn grits usually require long cooking, so before they were rarely used in the nutrition of infants. Soluble corn porridge will not need a long cooking are easily digested.

Nevertheless, domestic pediatricians usually do not recommend these cereals to 9-10-month age children.

The latter also applies to rye and barley porridge. Young children are cereals, usually not given, even though they are high in vegetable proteins, potassium, phosphorus and iron.

I must say that bran from wheat or rye flour, often successfully used in the nutrition of children suffering from constipation or overweight.

Millet porridge (millet-based) a few too heavy. It is inferior to most other cereals gih due to poor digestibility. So she invited children over 5-2 years. Читать полностью -->

If immediately

If immediately Eating after exercise th After heavy physical exertion child should eat foods rich in carbohydrates, as it replenish energy spent muscles.

It can be white bread, orange juice, pasta, vegetables and fruits.

If immediately after the speeches knock your rabbi does not feel hungry, then offer him a juice or a sports drink.

Bananas and orange juice contains a lot of potassium, so with their help the child be able to restore electrolytes and minerals lost through sweat.

Eat immediately after physical control zhneny necessary for those children who are in the competition performed several times, or they had a very long and intense training.

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Targets vaccination

Targets vaccination Metabolic drugs that improve the oxidation-reduction processes: Riboxinum, geptral.

In severe disease carried hemosorbtion plasmapheresis.

Cholagogue: magnesium sulfate, corn silk, flamin etc.

, when necessary allohol, holenzim appointed during the recovery period.


Targets vaccination The vaccine is intended to long-term protection of children and the protection of individuals without a history of hepatitis A in childhood.

Vaccination can quickly stop the outbreak of hepatitis A national vaccination calendar for Russia epidpokazaniyam designated circle of people at increased risk of hepatitis A: - children over 3 years old, living in areas with a high incidence of hepatitis A (100.

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He wants to drink

He wants to drinkAnd sometimes it is necessary to make a game out of this "no": "Every time you say 'no', I

I will kiss you. " It does not guarantee quick results, but you certainly will be satisfied with the day together much more than usual.

"No" means "No!"

Even if his "no" does not really mean "no", sometimes a child will have to give up the position of a dictator in your favor. If he is not hungry by lunch time, he still hungry sooner or later. If he wants to walk, and not to be carried in a wheelchair, so be it. Allow him to push a stroller, and a few minutes later he again gets into it. Deliberately go to the concession - it will accustom him to justice. Читать полностью -->

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