The child will

The child willSee Suffocation.).

You suspect a broken bone or neck pain associated with serious


Head injury has led to the immediate loss of consciousness.

There is a suspicion of poisoning (first call your local poison control


There has been an attack, seizure, or other changes in mental status


When to stay home: illness

There are a few simple rational reason to keep the child at home and not take him to daycare. Strongly Move aside emotions aside (I can not take another day off from work), you do not want to expose other children from the risk of contracting your child - not important is the fact that he caught the infection from each other. The child will feel bad and do not want to move away from you for a minute, and this is just useless to fight. Leave it at home.

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In relationships

In relationshipsSchooling is given to him hard, and the total mass of students he usually unsubstituted ten. If Anton decides to continue education after high school, he transformed in his eyes, a large amount of time will be given to the study of literature and well pass the exams. Loves books and read them with great pleasure. Not afraid of work, willingly undertakes any business and eventually skillfully cope with them. At work can become a better employee.

In relationships with women impulsive feelings sometimes take precedence over reason, which could then cause offense to a friend, but the kindness and complaisance allow Anton to avoid serious conflicts. To marry it relates seriously.

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Charging for Dads

Charging for DadsSpeaking of the kid, what he done, as it turns out all right, you are laying the foundation of self-esteem and self-confidence that it will prove useful in the future.

Charging for Dads

Sure, you could go to the gym and exercise there with a barbell, dumbbells and other projectiles. But why go somewhere to spend the time and money if you have the opportunity to combine business with pleasure. The weight of your three baby (about kg) enough that he was able to help you perform the exercises with a worsening. You can pick it up several times, as if press the bar, put on his shoulders and carry out sit-ups, or by putting the kid himself to his feet, do the exercises on the press. When the child gets used to this charge, increase the number of sets. So dress in shape, turn energetic music. Читать полностью -->

Talking to your

Talking to yourConstipation

Constipation in infants may point to an unhealthy diet, and congenital malformations of various parts of the gastrointestinal tract. If the baby often have constipation, you must inform the pediatrician, who will appoint the right diet or send a child to the survey. In most cases, s constipation in infants occurs when malnutrition, or with excess holding of food protein and fat, or artificial feeding monotonous smesya E. For constipation, the child cries loudly and Sucitu legs.

Talking to your doctor, you can give your child a few times a day on an empty stomach 1/2 teaspoon dill water, carrot juice or weak chamomile. Good on helps with constipation and stroking tummy. Enemas and laxatives facility applies only those prescribed by a doctor.

Hernias (inguinal, umbilical)

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Normal values: In zrast

Normal values: In zrast Normal values: In zrast Wed ednee value chenie Ex Edelev % L eykotsitov 12 m ec 0.

05 x 10 9 / L 0-0.

2 x 10 9 / L 0.

4 4 g ode 0.

05 x 10 9 / L 0-0.

2 x 10 9 / L 0.

6 6 liters is 0.

05 x 10 9 / L 0-02 x 10 9 / L 0.

6 10 l of an 0.

04 x 10 9 / L 0-0.

2 x 10 9 / L 0.

6 21 g of one 0.

04 x 10 9 / L 0-0.

2 x 10 9 / L 0.

5 Taken tall 0.

04 x 10 9 / L 0-0.

2 x 10 9 / L 0.

5 Clinical diagnostic value basocytosis> 0.

3 x 10 / L allergic conditions; acute leukemia; chronic myeloid leukemia; chronic inflammatory condition of the gastrointestinal tract; ulcerative inflammatory bowel disease; hypothyroidism; l h e n e e s t r o d e n and m and; W o l e s o n s X d and k and n a.

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