Lay it face

Lay it face During wakefulness often lay the baby on his stomach.

This position will allow him to start raising earlier and hold th catching, turning it in different directions, watching the surrounding world.

To alleviate this situation, place the child under the chest folded several times a diaper.

Obvious is the fact that being in the position of "face down", the child has to learn to keep your head up to see, and to develop appropriate structures Tela.

Lay it face down, and you'll see how random, first in the Write debugging and useless arms and legs gradually become meaningful governmental traffic crawling.

We may like to watch him when he is in the "face up", but he wants to start moving along the ancient road that sooner or later lead to his walking.

And this road starts right here and now.

A child from birth has a number of cutaneous reflexes in skin irritation some body parts child commits defined motions.

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If the child does

If the child does However, we must ensure that the child consumed as little as possible products such as "fast food" (also called "empty calories"), and explain to your child how much food can be considered optimal portion.

satiety after meals.

It is not necessary to put pressure on the child and utter phrases like "Doesh to the end and" We which help avoid overeating.

Never advise a child to drown these internal controls.

Instead, on the contrary Orot help him learn to understand their feelings of hunger or satiety.

If the child does not want to eat up the dish until the end, but you're afraid that after a while he gets hungry - just wrap a plate of food and set it aside.

Also, do not promise that the Image quality to reward the child will get a sweet dessert as Talk with your child about what he eats and his physical activity.

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But the main

But the main In this chapter, we covered the basics of the topic: nutrition during, before and after exercise, and elaborated on the kind of food and what to The number of need to give the child-athlete.

But the main thing - it is a feeling of joy from a child playing sports, and useful products easily help him in this, providing the body with the fuel.

By following the tips outlined in this chapter, your child will be ok in great shape, both during training and participating in competitions.

How to cultivate the child's mind Healthy Body Image Our society is characterized by a cult of the body.

The way you perceive your body is iyaet on how well you take care of it.

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A baby is infrequent

A baby is infrequent The main symptom is peristalsis (movement) of the stomach, which is visible when feeding your baby.

Peristaltic wave starts from the left hypochondrium and stomach giving an hourglass shape, extends to the right.

A baby is infrequent urination, constipation.

In the later stages - dyspeptic, "hungry" cal.

Skin become pale shade.

Subcutaneous layers is practically absent.

The skin can be easily assembled in the folds and crushes bad.

Face wrinkled and senile.

Toddler restless, Crickley that intensifies after meals.

Diagnostics Pyloric stenosis diagnosis established on the basis of the characteristic clinical history and data of clinical examination and confirmed by data rentgenogastrografii, fibrogastroskopii or ultrasound.

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Diets with a sharp

Diets with a sharp Diet pills, for example, contain caffeine or other stimulants, diuretics, laxatives or e means that excrete water.

Diets with a sharp drop weight end that man becomes much worse, suffers his psyche, and the weight comes back.

Why slimming instead of reducing the number of calories people n Simply not go to food products useful? Person whose diet consists of fruits, vegetables, beans and cereals, is much easier to adjust your weight and to limit calories it does not need any.

For example, a vegetarian burger (vedzhiburger) inc erzhit 0.

5 grams of fat and meat burger - 21 g, t.


Lipschitz 20, 5 grams fat and 180 calories.

Burrito stuffed with beans, tomatoes and lettuce, seasoned sauce "sa lsa" contains only 3 grams of fat, and burrito with cheese and pepper "chile" - 14 g fat, loading your body extra 11 grams of fat and 99 calories.

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