1 Place the baby

1 Place the babyto help push the baby toy. Later, he will learn to do it myself one of yours elf.

Take the baby in his arms, then lift high, lower it and leave it on for a certain time Roe upright.

1 Place the baby on a flat surface on the abdomen, place a small hearth w ku and make the kid to raise his head, resting on the floor pens, drawing on his Watch yo and of bright toy. This exercise strengthens the muscles of the arms and neck.

1 Put the baby on his stomach on a flat surface, then gently bend

his legs at the knees, straighten, dilute to the sides and connect. This exercise

will help strengthen the muscles of the legs.

1 Put your baby on his back, grab his hands, raise them, lower, then

cross in front of chest and spread to the sides.

1 Put the baby on a flat surface, place the next toy so that he

could not immediately reach her. If the kid was not able to get the toy, post

it to him. This exercise promotes children crawling skill.

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Nausea and vomiting

Nausea and vomiting The clinical picture Leading complaint is pain, the severity of which depends on age, individual characteristics of the nervous and endocrine systems, the anatomical features of the ulcer, the severity of functional disorders of the gastroduodenal system.

Most often, it is localized in the epigastric region, or area of the navel is diffuse character.

At the beginning of the disease it is uncertain, but its development becomes constant, intense, most likely a "night" or an empty character.

Nausea and vomiting in children are less common than in adults, as well as heartburn, regurgitation and increased slyunoobrazovaniya.

With long-term course of the disease is growing role of these symptoms.

Appetite usually suffers only Shbolnyh notes its decrease, which may lead to weight loss and delay the physical development.

Marked tendency to constipation or unstable chair.

The child's language is imposed whitish bloom.

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3. Subclinical

3. Subclinical Die under heating to 56 ° C over 10 minutes.

When exposed to 70% alcohol and 96% hydrogen peroxide are killed within 30 seconds.

Min -1.

Classification of HIV infection.


Step incubation.


Stage of primary manifestations: A.

Asymptomatic; B.

Acute infection without secondary diseases; B.

Acute infection with secondary diseases.


Subclinical (latent) stadiyayu 4.

Stage of secondary diseases.


Weight loss of less than 10% fungal, viral, bacterial skin and mucous membranes; shingles; repeated pharyngitis, sinusitis.

Phases: Progression (in patients without antiretroviral therapy, on the background of antiretroviral therapy).

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According to other

According to other example, many parents believe that sugar leads to increased activity of the child and reduces its focus cn individuality.

According to other hypotheses, chocolate, artificial colors or preservatives have Truth is that scientists and doctors can not with certainty stoprotse coagulant to confirm or refute these views.

Every child - is unique, and the learning process takes place in each individual, inherent only in his usual manner, so the differences between children in the characteristics associated with food and the environment.

Media in result, parents utterly confused and not understanding what is really helpful or harmful to the child.

However, some things can be judged with reasonable certainty.

Breastfeeding increases the rate of intelligence.

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Risk of these

Risk of these risk of these conditions necessitates constant surveillance of the respiratory and cardiovascular systems (collection of sputum for analysis and record of the amount, sputum, counting respiratory rate and determine the properties of the pulse measurement blood pressure, control of dynamics edema, etc).

Thyroid disease Hypothyroidism Hypothyroidism - a disease associated with decreased production of thyroid hormones.

There are primary hypothyroidism, developing due to lesions of the thyroid gland, and secondary-paced due to lesions of the hypothalamic- pituitary system.

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