It should ­ but be made

It should ­ but be madeMaterial from which made bed, is almost irrelevant, as long as that ­ she was stable, safe and convenient to clean. In order to protect the child from the flies and mosquitoes in the summer it is advisable to hang over the bed canopy of fabric, which will be further protected from drafts and glare.

Many parents believe that the stroller is not an important thing for the baby and also for its acquisition requires significant costs. Take the money and it will pay for them. Baby can sleep in it if the weather is warm, and in the winter it will reliably protect it from the cold wind. Buying a stroller, pay attention to the fact that it was high ­ Coy - this will prevent the ingestion of dust and exhaust fumes. Choose a stroller with soft springs to ensure its smooth and uniform motion.

Unacceptable to buy a stroller with low sides: eventually the child will begin to self ­ ditsya and may fall out of it. Читать полностью -->


PLANNING Below - a table showing the portions.

PLANNING daily menu BABY toddler (1-4 years) Whole grains, breads, cereals: 4 meals Vegetables: 2-4 tablespoons dark green vegetables, X C - X 1g cup of other vegetables Legumes, nuts, seeds, milk: X U - X 1g cup legumes, 3 feeding breast milk, soy mixture, soy milk th or other vegetable milk Fruits: b and ~ 1 V 2 cups Quantity: 1 slice of bread, V 2 rolls, X 1g cups boiled grains, cereals, pasta, U , or 1 cup of breakfast cereal cereals, biscuits.

Try to choose only whole grains.

Dark green vegetables soup: broccoli sprouts kale and mustard, bok choy and any other vegetables, fresh or frozen.

Legumes: beans, peas, tofu and lentils, cooked until soft state.

Milk plant origin: 1 cup.

Nuts and seeds: in palates Olsha quantities (1-2 tablespoons).

Any kind of fruit, raw or cooked, fresh or frozen.

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In the past, doctors

In the past, doctors Puberty may come much later, if the child is not nourished, malnourished, sitting on a strict diet or body dvergaet heavy physical exertion.

In the past, doctors and nutritionists believed that rapid growth and early menstruation is a sign of good health.

Today we have come to understand that "more, faster, sooner" is not always meaning was "better.

" health.

so as if the girls begin to menstruate earlier than usual, further increases her risk of tons of breast cancer.

In fact, dairy products, which are a component of western food, and are believed to influence the age of onset of menarche, increase blood levels of insulin-like growth factor 1, and it directly to knit with an increased risk of developing breast cancer, ovarian and prostate .

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They better

They betterIt should be noted, baby soap successfully replaces laundry detergent, especially in cases where the baby is allergic to detergents (even if pos glaciers are intended for washing children's clothes). To do this, you need soap to rub on a small grater and fill the compartment washing machine, which usually is filled with powder.

Some companies producing cosmetics for children, and most manufacturers produce grown not only cleansing lotions, but also refreshing lotion and water. They better not to use every day. Fragrant water and baby lotions contain alcohol - this is their main unlike adults, so at last take care of young children to use E generally impossible.

One of the major and much-needed funds for the care of the baby skin is mineral oil. Ways to use very much, from lubrication warehouses daughters baby to use during a massage (optional purchase special massage oil or gel).

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Back Massage Stroking: from

Back Massage Stroking: from Turning on its side (turn to the right and the left) by an adult.

Back Massage Stroking: from the head to the buttocks - palm, from the buttocks to the head - the back of the hands.

Reflexive exercise for back muscles Acupressure abdomen.

I point Place the baby on the breast palm in an inclined position.

Sucks unit cm from the spine, parallel to it, on both sides podushech kami forefinger and middle finger swipe in the direction of the blades to the current buttocks and back.

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