If your baby ro dilsya

If your baby ro dilsyaWhile walking the newborn depends on the weight at birth. If your baby ro dilsya weighing 5 kg, it is possible to walk for 2-3 hours a day. A child with a standard weight of 5 kg can be outdoors in temperatures above 16 ° C. Although the temperature ra big plays no role. Importantly, do not walk around with a toddler in wet and windy weather. winter walk with your child better in the middle of the day, particularly well - in sunny weather. If the sun does not deliver the baby anxiety leave his face at the time of the open fifth. In that case, if you live in the city, you will be forced to carry the baby in Lyaska. If weather permits and you will love to be outdoors, fasting extend Wright walks, as it will only benefit your baby.

In the summer, especially if you set the hot weather, do not give up walks. Find a cool place, one in which the baby to be reached only diffused sunlight. Summer walk better in the morning or evening, after the sun had set. When your child goes to 3 meals a day, watch walks can change nitsya, but their minimum number remains the same: 2-3 hours a day.

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