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It should ­ but be madeMaterial from which made bed, is almost irrelevant, as long as that ­ she was stable, safe and convenient to clean. In order to protect the child from the flies and mosquitoes in the summer it is advisable to hang over the bed canopy of fabric, which will be further protected from drafts and glare.

Many parents believe that the stroller is not an important thing for the baby and also for its acquisition requires significant costs. Take the money and it will pay for them. Baby can sleep in it if the weather is warm, and in the winter it will reliably protect it from the cold wind. Buying a stroller, pay attention to the fact that it was high ­ Coy - this will prevent the ingestion of dust and exhaust fumes. Choose a stroller with soft springs to ensure its smooth and uniform motion.

Unacceptable to buy a stroller with low sides: eventually the child will begin to self ­ ditsya and may fall out of it. Important aspect - the inner cover. It should ­ but be made of washable material soft colors. Car seat and playpen

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