PLANNING Below - a table showing the portions.

PLANNING daily menu BABY toddler (1-4 years) Whole grains, breads, cereals: 4 meals Vegetables: 2-4 tablespoons dark green vegetables, X C - X 1g cup of other vegetables Legumes, nuts, seeds, milk: X U - X 1g cup legumes, 3 feeding breast milk, soy mixture, soy milk th or other vegetable milk Fruits: b and ~ 1 V 2 cups Quantity: 1 slice of bread, V 2 rolls, X 1g cups boiled grains, cereals, pasta, U , or 1 cup of breakfast cereal cereals, biscuits.

Try to choose only whole grains.

Dark green vegetables soup: broccoli sprouts kale and mustard, bok choy and any other vegetables, fresh or frozen.

Legumes: beans, peas, tofu and lentils, cooked until soft state.

Milk plant origin: 1 cup.

Nuts and seeds: in palates Olsha quantities (1-2 tablespoons).

Any kind of fruit, raw or cooked, fresh or frozen.

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