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They betterIt should be noted, baby soap successfully replaces laundry detergent, especially in cases where the baby is allergic to detergents (even if pos glaciers are intended for washing children's clothes). To do this, you need soap to rub on a small grater and fill the compartment washing machine, which usually is filled with powder.

Some companies producing cosmetics for children, and most manufacturers produce grown not only cleansing lotions, but also refreshing lotion and water. They better not to use every day. Fragrant water and baby lotions contain alcohol - this is their main unlike adults, so at last take care of young children to use E generally impossible.

One of the major and much-needed funds for the care of the baby skin is mineral oil. Ways to use very much, from lubrication warehouses daughters baby to use during a massage (optional purchase special massage oil or gel).

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