Lay it face

Lay it face During wakefulness often lay the baby on his stomach.

This position will allow him to start raising earlier and hold th catching, turning it in different directions, watching the surrounding world.

To alleviate this situation, place the child under the chest folded several times a diaper.

Obvious is the fact that being in the position of "face down", the child has to learn to keep your head up to see, and to develop appropriate structures Tela.

Lay it face down, and you'll see how random, first in the Write debugging and useless arms and legs gradually become meaningful governmental traffic crawling.

We may like to watch him when he is in the "face up", but he wants to start moving along the ancient road that sooner or later lead to his walking.

And this road starts right here and now.

A child from birth has a number of cutaneous reflexes in skin irritation some body parts child commits defined motions.

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