If the child does

If the child does However, we must ensure that the child consumed as little as possible products such as "fast food" (also called "empty calories"), and explain to your child how much food can be considered optimal portion.

satiety after meals.

It is not necessary to put pressure on the child and utter phrases like "Doesh to the end and" We which help avoid overeating.

Never advise a child to drown these internal controls.

Instead, on the contrary Orot help him learn to understand their feelings of hunger or satiety.

If the child does not want to eat up the dish until the end, but you're afraid that after a while he gets hungry - just wrap a plate of food and set it aside.

Also, do not promise that the Image quality to reward the child will get a sweet dessert as Talk with your child about what he eats and his physical activity.

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