In fresh fruit

In fresh fruitIce cream "Potato" for dessert can be your family's favorite treat. Here's the recipe:

Spatula scoop of vanilla ice cream a little hard, and form it into

a potato.

Dredge the potatoes in cocoa, and then cover it with chocolate chips.

Cut lengthwise on top and garnish with whipped cream. And all the ice cream

, "Potato" is ready.

Fun in the kitchen: a sandwich with peanut butter and fruit

Diversity - it's visual life, so why settle for "just a sandwich" with butter, jelly or jam!

Slice and place a few slices of banana or apple to half a sandwich with peanut butter instead of jelly. In fresh fruit less sugar than jam or jelly, and they are more nutritious and beneficial. Make the faces of the pieces of banana and apple, and let your little finger to draw the hair and ears on peanut oil.

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