He wants to drink

He wants to drinkAnd sometimes it is necessary to make a game out of this "no": "Every time you say 'no', I

I will kiss you. " It does not guarantee quick results, but you certainly will be satisfied with the day together much more than usual.

"No" means "No!"

Even if his "no" does not really mean "no", sometimes a child will have to give up the position of a dictator in your favor. If he is not hungry by lunch time, he still hungry sooner or later. If he wants to walk, and not to be carried in a wheelchair, so be it. Allow him to push a stroller, and a few minutes later he again gets into it. Deliberately go to the concession - it will accustom him to justice. He wants to drink from the "adult" glass, that is, from the glass without cover, risking spill juice on the floor? Let him know that it is quite feasible, but only in a limited space, such as in the kitchen. However, agreeing to meet the wishes of a child, then do not complain and do not nag if you suddenly have to clean up after him.

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