When you turn

When you turn From time to time give the child the opportunity to make a choice in clothes and food.

Firmly insist on safety: children do not play with knives, children hold

hands when crossing the street. These rules are not discussed.

When you turn away from some of the rules, remember that your baby's victory was

deserved by the fact that he grew up enough for the new rules, but they expect and

more responsibility.

Do not make yourself a failure because they have failed in a shallow argument.

Rough child?

"Mom, why is the aunt so fat?". "I do not want to stand next to him - he stunk!" Sometimes, somewhere around the age of two, two and a half years, you expect a weighty share of frustration and disappointment, when your precious, beloved child unleashes a terrible, thoughtless abuse. You will have to face his strange estimates and observations. Remember that this is just a way to express surprise that world. There are so many things around, which he had never seen, such as the disabled or people with certain physiological characteristics.

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