5-6 stitches - lightly

5-6 stitches - lightly If it hurts, then slightly Grind their palms! 1-2 stitches - from both hands do "telescope" or "binoculars" and puts the eyes.

3-4 lines - from one palm do "cleft palate", as in the previous game, and the fingers Keep your other hand, "graze" and it captures them performing stroking motion pads.

5-6 stitches - lightly rub the palm of one another.

Hut on luzhochke, Doors on clasp.

Key pick up quickly And unlock the hut.

Shake off her hands, Rest a little.

1 line - do "house" of both hands, joining their fingertips and the base of the palm.

2 line - we connect the fingers to the castle.

3-4 lines - carry rotation thumbs of both hands (one around another) without opening the lock.

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