5 line - Reveal

5 line - Reveal Repeat for second hand game.

In gray baby - Little mouse This Sunday Will's birthday! Here she waved ears! So she knocked legs! Moved her tail And calling all to visit us! 1-4 stitches - collect the fingers of both hands to pinch and move them on the table, depicting mice.

5 line - Reveal hands and puts them on your ears, fingers waving serried.

6 line - slaps the table.

7 line - bend and unbend forefingers, depicting mouse tails.

8 line - rubbing their hands on one another.

Soft Fuzzies White snowflakes Above ground whirl Lie on the grass, Legs fall asleep And now melt! 1-4 stitches - Reveal palm straighten fingers and gentle swaying motion omit hands on foot.

5-6 lines - with his fingers tapping on the toes.

Mole - tubby tubby - Wearing gray jacket.

Corns and nibbles crust He digs underground burrows Pours a handful of earth And mink crawls.

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