For the development

For the development1 To one end of the short ribbon tie a rattle, the second - the other guyu. Give your child a rattle. He will try to get a toy and a second at

the first knit.

Put the baby in a chair or put on the legs. Hold it, you ask -

falcons raise their hands, asking, "What are you big?".

Put your baby on his back, give him a toy, first one arm and then the other. This exercise develops the ability to move objects from one hand.

For the development of sensory abilities can perform the following exercises.

A thin ribbon nanizhite empty reels, rings or small rattles. That ­

Kieu beads certainly interested inquisitive kid.

Give your child the opportunity to listen to different music tempo and volume: fast

and slow, loud and quiet. In the music, you can clap.

Attach a bell bracelet with one hand to the first baby, shake it so that the child saw the toy, then outweigh the other and shake again. Such activity is to develop skoordinirovannos m and eye movements, and the hands and, in addition, help the baby learn own body parts.

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