When a massive invasion

When a massive invasion Among the diseases caused by protozoa, often observed in children giardiasis and amebiasis.

For amoebiasis (a disease caused by amoebas) speeded chair, a raspberry jelly (mucus gives feces glassy glossy surface).

Giardiasis (a disease caused by Giardia) stool 3-4 times a day, yellow-green in color, soft consistency.

When a massive invasion (a large number of agent) chair quickens to 20 times a day, it becomes mucous and bloody.

Diarrhea is sometimes observed and helminthic infestation.

When a massive invasion Ascaris chair quickens contains undigested muscle fibers, fat.

Chair changes when mycotic (fungal) enterokolonopatiyah.

Among them, children are more frequently observed intestinal candidiasis (caused by a fungus genus Candida), which is celebrated at more frequent bowel movements, stool abundant liquid or pasty, usually without much mucus (blood, usually absent).

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