5-6 lines - one hand

5-6 lines - one hand 1-2 stitches - "run", tapping on the table fingertips.

3-4 stitches - on each hand exhibiting "horns" of the index finger and thumb and turn the brush in different directions.

5-6 lines - one hand in reserve position described in a circular motion stroked her back side of the fingers of the other hand.

7-8 stitches - grab "horned" arm with the other hand and takes her to the side.

As the apple tree flowers Open petals.

Breeze softly Shakes petals.

Only in the evening flowers Released petals Head shake, Hard to sleep.

1-2 stitches - squeeze his hands into fists, then unclenched them, showing how the flowers are revealed.

3-4 stitches - gently swaying relaxed wrists (palms up) to the right and left.

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